Wisdom Teeth & Surgeries

Simple to complex tooth extractions performed in one place.

Removal & Oral Surgery

Wisdom teeth, tooth extractions, and so much more.

Although wisdom tooth extractions are the most common and well-known form of oral surgery, there are many other procedures which could save your smile. These include:

  • Regular tooth extraction

  • Impacted tooth extraction

  • Dental implant restoration

  • Periodontal or gum surgery

  • Orthodontic procedures

  • Correcting bite issues (TMJ/sleep apnea)

An oral surgeon who has attended additional years of dental school performs most of these treatments. However, wisdom tooth and regular tooth extraction can be performed in our Innovative Dentistry office. Our knowledgeable dentists are able to gently and precisely remove teeth that are negatively impacting your oral health.

More complex issues are referred to our partner oral surgeon (who visits our office). Although the idea of surgery may sound intimidating, our team is by your side and will listen to any concerns you have. We work closely with the oral surgeon to ensure you receive the highest standard of care.

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Tooth Extractions

Simple, fast, and gentle tooth removal in Lake Union.

Dr. Subherwal holding an artificial set of teeth and explain how the wisdom teeth come through to a male patient

Our team of experienced dentists always strives to save your natural teeth. We offer a range of comprehensive services designed to maintain your smile and health. However, on occasion, the best course of action is to remove your tooth in order to protect your health.

Extractions are commonly performed due to the following reasons:

  • Pain when chewing

  • Causing overcrowding or bite problems

  • Damaging other teeth

  • Causing tooth misalignment

  • Severe decay or damage to the tooth

Many times it is for the benefit of your overall health to have these teeth removed.

The process for removal is simple. Your caring dentist carefully numbs the area (we offer sedation for more nervous patients), the tooth is rocked in the socket so it is loosened, and then it is pulled out. The socket is then covered with a gauze to prevent bleeding and infection. After the procedure, we will discuss restorative options such as a dental implant or dental bridge, if necessary.

Dr. Subherwal holding an artificial set of teeth and explain how the wisdom teeth come through to a male patient
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Oral Surgery in Seattle, WA

Expert care for more complex cases.
A member of our team holding the dental light as our dentist performs an extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal

When your third set of molars do not erupt properly or are too big for your jaw, they can cause pain and other dental problems. An oral surgeon is able to remove both regular wisdom teeth and impacted teeth. Using advanced skill and precise techniques, the teeth can be comfortably removed and balance reinstated to your mouth.

One of our Seattle dentists explaining how a gum surgery will work to an older female patient

Periodontal Surgery

When gum disease or soft tissue problems have developed beyond the realms of oral hygiene maintenance, a gum surgeon can help restore your health. Through deep cleanings and gum contouring, common cosmetic and restorative complaints can be fixed. Very often laser dentistry is employed to produce more precise and effective results, with a faster recovery time.

One of our Seattle dentists explaining how a gum surgery will work to an older female patient
Our restorative dentist wearing her scrubs and pink gloves while placing dental implants

Dental Implants

When you have a missing tooth, dental implants could be the ideal answer. An implant mimics your tooth’s natural root and is surgically placed into your jaw bone by a trained oral surgeon. The surgeon assesses the ideal placement and ensures a solid foundation for the implant. Afterward, our restorative dentists place a dental crown or denture on top of the implant to restore your smile.

Safe and Gentle Tooth Removal

Oral surgery could save your smile and revolutionize your life.