There are so many fun activities to enjoy in South Lake Union throughout the summer time. You can join in on the SLU night market that hosts monthly themes, the SLU Block Party, Fourth of July Fireworks at the lake, and so many other activities hosted thought this area of Seattle! We have a few insights as locals that might peak your interests to explore South Lake Union this summer.

Lake Time

When it comes to beating the summertime heat, there is almost nothing better than cooling off with a trip to the lake! South Lake Union has one of the best areas for water recreation activities in Seattle. If you’re in the area or need a break from the office, SLU offers kayak and paddle board rentals from Moss Bay off of Fairview. You can enjoy the lake and the sun while seeing some beautiful boats or hangout with friends. You may even catch a sight of the sea planes landing on the water or taking off from the lake. If you’re in need of some relaxing, there are always ducks and geese at the SLU Park by the MOHAI and boy do they love eating grapes and rice.

Night Markets

If hitting up the lake isn’t on your list of things to see, you might enjoy one of the night markets that SLU hosts. Once a month from May until August, Denny Park holds a nighttime farmers market with food, music, dancing, shops and so much more! Every market consists of a theme as well, the next market is this weekend, June 22 nd from 4pm -10 pm and the theme is Asia! If you’re a night owl, this is a great place to explore new foods from local vendors. The night market isn’t the only place that will showcase local vendors either. The Amazon campus at SLU has food trucks that inhabit its space from Monday to Friday 10am until 2pm for the lunch rush. You can take your pick of whatever you’re craving by browsing the multitude of food truck options.

Block Party

If you’re not a foodie and need more substance in the summer, we recommend stopping by the SLU Block Party! This August your team at Innovative Dentistry at SLU will be joining in with a booth full of fun! Stop by and see what surprises we have and see some familiar faces from our team! This year the block party will be held on Friday August 9 th from 12 pm- 11pm and is fun for all ages. Over 70 businesses and organizations in the SLU area will be taking part with booths full of games, music and friendly competitions. Our friends at Amazon are even hosting the event!

Not only are we joining the block party festivities, we will be announcing a very fun giveaway within the next few days! Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win a VERY cool gift!

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